The soccer players ‘Mapi’ León and Patri Guijarro left the concentration of the Spanish soccer team in Oliva (Valencia) this Wednesday, arguing that they were not “mentally” prepared to return to the team and regretting that “the manners and the ways” to manage your return.

“It is a reality that the situation for Patri and me is different from that of the rest of my colleagues. There have been no ways or means of returning, in the end we are not in a position to say ‘now you are coming back’, this is a process,” said the Barça head office, together with Guijarro, to the media at the doors of the Nova Beach Hotel in Oliva.

Both, two players from the ’15’ group who already resigned from the national team a year ago until changes were made to the structure of women’s football, said they were “happy” about the changes that “are taking place”, as the Commission Mixed between RFEF, CSD and the soccer players.

“Little by little changes are being made, we are fully supporting our colleagues as we have done from the outside during this time,” reiterated ‘Mapi’, who confirmed that these transformations are “in writing” and “they are already being worked on.” .

For his part, Guijarro insisted that “of course” they support his colleagues, although he admitted that their situation is “different and quite difficult.” “It’s quite hard and personally, because of how everything has happened, mentally you are not able to be here,” she concluded.

The two Barça footballers were the big news on the first list drawn up by the new coach, Montse Tomé, as they belonged to the group of 15 footballers who voluntarily resigned from the national team after the EURO to demand changes in the RFEF.

Both have been firm for a year in their resignations ahead of a World Cup in which they did not participate. For this reason, they defend that the call now with the national team is not the most appropriate, and they ask to comply with an adaptation process, also in light of the changes that the RFEF has committed to undertake, as assured this morning by the president of the CSD, Víctor Francos , after a meeting with the players at the concentration hotel.

It was Francos himself who told the media that 2 of the 23 players called up would not continue on stage. “There are two who do not feel encouraged or strong, but there must be maximum respect for some than others. We have a great team, world champions, and we must have respect for the group of players,” he indicated.

The leader, who stressed that this meeting took place in a “friendly tone” and where all parties were able to “speak with absolute freedom”, explained that two players “have requested the possibility of leaving the concentration for reasons of lack of spirit and discomfort.” staff”. “This is absolutely respectable and the CSD, the RFEF and the team have agreed that the formula to be used does not entail sanctions,” he said.