Manchester United has been reborn, but suffers from altitude sickness. Win, win and win, as long as it's not against him Big-six. That is the summary of the season of the Red Devils. Seconds in the Premier League twelve points behind City, Solskjaer's men drew 0-0 on their visit to Stamford Bridge this Sunday. A positive result if we take into account the entity of the rival and the scenario, but too repeated if they really want to become contenders for the title. And, in the seven games they have played against those considered great in the Premier They have only scored one goal and it was in the blushing defeat at Old Trafford against Tottenham (1-6) when the course dawned.

Shield / Flag M. United

Not everything has been defeats, since only Arsenal, also in Manchester, has managed to steal all three points (0-1). The rest? 0-0. Twice against Chelsea and once against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. A scoring drought that is even more surprising if we take into account the offensive flow they show against the other 14 teams, since Solskjaer's men are the Premier's top scorer ahead of their city mates (53 to 52). 52 goals in 19 games, 2.7 per game, against Bruno's lonely goal against Tottenham as the only goal against him Big-six, 0.14 on average. Huge contrast.

United against the 'Big-Six' in the Premier League (2020-21)

Date Rival Result
10/04/2020 Tottenham 1-6
10/24/2020 Chelsea 0-0
11/01/2020 Arsenal 0-1
12/12/2020 Man city 0-0
01/17/2021 Liverpool 0-0
01/30/2021 Arsenal 0-0
02/28/2021 Chelsea 0-0

In italics, home games.

“They have scored the highest number of goals in the entire league, so they usually go for the win, but in these types of games I think their thinking is, 'don't beat us,'” said Roy Keane after the draw against Chelsea in their usual post-game analysis. “I think United looks at the teams that come from behind and try to keep their distance instead of saying 'come on, we're going to win games' “, he added.

A penalty could change everything

It is true that the result of The meeting could have been different if the referee had considered a hand by Callum Hudson-Odoi punishable in his own area at odds with Mason Greenwood. Stuart Atwell, after consulting the VAR, did not consider it that way and the penalty went to limbo, a fact that Solskjaer did not like, who showed his frustration after the final whistle: “We should have had that penalty, it was clear.”

Controversy aside, the meeting was losing rhythm with the passing of the minutes and if the first part gave offensive actions, in the second half it seemed that as many of them as the others took the point as good. Nine games takes Tuchel to the front of the ship blue and he still does not know the defeat, but Keane does not understand how the Mancuniano team did not want to end that streak with greater emphasis.

The City on the horizon

“Maybe they are scared of what happened against the Spurs. Some of these games have been very boringconsidering there are great attackers on the pitch, “added the United legend. Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood … set against in October was tremendously painful, but Solskjaer has managed to rebuild the team and has turned it into a solvent, safe and dangerous team, although this last point should also lock it against rivals of greater substance.. The Crystal Palace appears during the week as a springboard to get thrown into the major exam next Sunday, the derby against Manchester City. We'll see which United we find, the rabid or the timorous …