One of the tweaks of the Atlético squad will be in the goal. The sports management seeks, like a year ago, a goalkeeper acting as a substitute for the undisputed Oblak, because Grbic will be loaned out. After a course in which he only had 90 minutes in the Cup, the 25-year-old Croat has asked to go where he can participate more. “I have learned a lot, but I need to play,” he explains. The club understands it, but is not considering getting rid of it. Their evolution is trusted and, therefore, proposals for a one-year loan are heard. Mallorca is now the best placed.

Atleti carefully studies where to send the goalkeeper so you can have those minutes you want. It is a particular position, because a striker can accumulate games by entering from the bench and earning the coach's trust, but a goalkeeper has it more complicated if he does not convince from the preseason. Mallorca has Manolo Reina, 35 years old, who started the last four seasons in Second B, Second and First, where he will play next season. It is not the only call. There are other clubs in the first two categories that have shown interest in a loan from Grbic. Eibar, for example, has it on their agenda after Dmitrovic's farewell.

Shield / Flag Mallorca

At the same time, while looking for a destination for Grbic, It is time to find a goalkeeper to assume his reserve role. That is to say, he will hardly play the Cup, perhaps only the first rounds. A role in the shadows, except for injuries and undesirable penalties. From the club it is committed to a more veteran profile. What in the Simeone era they have represented Aranzubía, Moyá and Adán. Without closing to any opportunity that summer offers.

A 'low cost' goalkeeper

A large investment will not be made for this reinforcement. A transfer is sought at almost zero cost, but a transfer is not ruled out. Some goalkeeper who has lost relevance and seeks a change of scenery, like Grbic himself but in reverse. In this section, from Italy they put the name of Pau López on the table, that this season in Rome it has been devalued and has even lost its place in the National Team.

Athletic Shield / Flag

There are more footballers on the technical secretariat's agenda. In the national market it has always been liked Aitor Fernandez (30 years old), one of the stars of the Levant. Vaclik (31 years old) leaves Sevilla, although it is his plans to be a starter and he tries to make the Eurocup serve him as a showcase. Outside of LaLiga, the sports management also likes Jose Sá (28 years old), Olympiacos goal.