He Malaga he did his homework and beat Alcorcón 2-0 with goals from the midfielders, the Venezuelan Juanpi Añor, exquisiteness, and Tete Morente, who grants him permanence and leaves Alcorcón without options to contest the promotion phase.

The blue and white team most pressured by what was being played, the permanence, it cost them to enter the game, before a team, the Madrid player, well positioned and with excellent pressure, which hindered any offensive movement by the locals.

Alcorcón dominated, was at ease, although Malaga as time went by settled and took place, but without creating danger.

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In the first quality action of the Andalusians, a delicacy from the Venezuelan midfielder Juanpi Añor, stole a ball in the center of the field, made his personal move, overflowed, spout included and, lowered the goalkeeper Dani Jiménez.

The match entered a period of attempt by Málaga to seek the second goal and Alcorcón to return to the initial rhythm with control to find the equalizer with the most presence in the rival area.

Arribas, in the 43rd minute, had the tie with a cross shot that went out when the Moroccan goalkeeper Munir Mohand was beaten, which was a warning to the Malaguista rear, somewhat unsuspecting and too soft.

Málaga saved in the first half with their partial victory and other results that benefited them and Alcorcón with no momentary options to finish in the first six started the second half, where the visitors handled the ball better.

The changes began to happen on both sides and Alcorcón continued much better than Malaga, who blatantly defended the partial victory and even touched the tie on occasion, but they found goalkeeper Munir.

And when the equalizer was flying through La Rosaleda, a robbery of midfielder Hicham, just out on the field, and his center was used by Tete Morente, to define in front of Dani Jiménez, and practically sentencing the match.

At the end 2-0, Málaga got the permanence and Alcorcón lost their second game of the season as a visitor.

– Data sheet:

2.- Málaga CF: Munir; Cifu, Juande, Luis Muñoz (Hicham, m. 78), Lombán, Juankar; Adrián (Benkhemassa, m. 90), Keidi Bare, Tete Morente (Renato Santos, m. 90); Juanpi (Diego González, m. 78) and Sadiku (Buenacasa, m. 63).

0.- AD Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Laure (Sosa, m. 60), Diéguez, David Fernández, Bellvís; Ernesto (Miakushko, m. 71), Boateng (Dorca, m. 60), Perea (Rui Costa, m. 82), Arribas; Stoichkov and Romera (Sandaza, m. 60).

1-0, M. 22: Juanpi. 2-0, M. 78: Tete Morente.

Referee: Male Aceitón (Balearic Committee). He admonished visitors Sandaza (m. 65), Bellvis (m. 72), Stoichkov (m. 81) and Diéguez (m. 86).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the forty-first day of the SmartBank League played at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga behind closed doors.