This Wednesday morning a trial will be held where former Málaga player Emanuel Cecchini claims 235,360 euros from the club in case the dismissal is unfair. The Argentine midfielder was one of the eight players in the squad who left the club due to an Employment Regulation File (ERE). The others were Diego González, Luis Hernández, Boulahroud, Rolón, Juanpi, Pacheco, and Renato Santos.

Cecchini has been one of the most ruinous signings in Malaga’s history. Francesc Arnau, sporting director for the 2017-18 season (recently deceased) traveled to Milan to sign him because, allegedly, he was negotiating with Inter. The club paid the Banfied 4.6 million euros and Al Thani, personally, imposed a clause of 40 million euros. He only played 24 minutes with Malaga. At 200,000 euros per minute. The player lived a carousel of assignments without pain or glory. Now he is claiming a significant amount. The case is in the hands of Justice. It so happens that in one of Cecchini’s transfers to Banfield, Málaga won the trial through FIFA, so the Argentine club had to pay 123,184.52 euros. The debt was paid in full.

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And the fact is that there are several lawsuits that the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, is facing. He recently won a lawsuit brought by another of the footballers affected by the aforementioned ERE, Luis Hernández, that claimed Málaga 4,502,851.98 euros, for unfair dismissal. It was dismissed. The player also claimed 110,416.66 euros for non-payment of wages. In case of having lost this case, Málaga would have gone to the Bankruptcy Law.

They are not the only judicial fronts that Málaga has open as a legacy of the disastrous stage of Al Thani. There will be more lawsuits that will appear like a dropper.

There are still some large complaints where the resolution is not yet known. The most important is the one raised by the Malaguista exporter Cenk Gonen, according to Diario Sur, which he complained to FIFA. The economic request is 796,000 euros Another especially disastrous signing. Malaga paid 200,000 euros to Galatasatay for a goalkeeper who only played … 99 minutes in three friendly matches. Another one of the wonderful operations of the incredible advisers of Abdulah Al Thani.