Málaga 1×1: Ramón Enríquez dazzles and the defense imposes its law

13-Dani Barrio: His first intervention was in a corner kick taken by Marc Mateu at 45 '. He was very calm and was reprimanded. At 95 'he made a great save to Gus Ledes who saved two points.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

26-Ishmael: For the second day, the youngest captain in professional football. Character and leadership as a right back. He is a footballer well above his age by playing and transmitting values. He retired injured and had to be replaced by Hicham.

23- Escassi: Many tables and seriousness, although he shared with Juande the headaches that Juanto Ortuño usually gives. Admonished after a mess with Sené.

27-Juande: He is so established that he is already required and even criticized as if he were a lifelong veteran. Admonished at 83 ’. Excellent in every way. Serenity, concentration and position. Impeccable.

18-Matos: Debut after his arrival on loan from Cádiz. He had a little problem with his band and got a yellow one. But he was successful. He went up less to the attack than he used to do with Seville and Cádiz. He complied. Good work.

30-Ramón Enriquez: Started ahead of defense. At 18 'he scored an impressive goal in a center-kick, with all the intention, that surprised Whalley. He is a very good midfielder with organizational skills.

21-Ivan Calero: The former Numancia started as a right-winger with an offensive vocation without forgetting the defense, which earned him a warning. Fireproof.

24-Benkhemassa: The Algerian was again headline as interior. On your line. He does not stop running and helping his teammates. He wastes generosity but has plenty of haste and lacks tactical rigor. It is always misplaced. He took the yellow card and was replaced by Boulahroud.

7- Cristian Rodríguez.: He is a midfielder who can play inside and out. He can be a good third midfielder. He has good ball handling and arrival. Expert in set pieces.

17-Yanis Rahmani: The Franco-Algerian went quite unnoticed in the first half. Very guarded. He caused a yellow to Lapeña. Sie inflated the ball in a play where he preferred to shoot (he did it wrong) despite having two teammates unmarked on a golden occasion, Irregular. Much is expected of him.

20-Caye Quintana: He is a forward with appreciable technique who protects the ball very well. Very hard-working, he fought with all the orellut behind, although he was somewhat unassisted. He killed himself at work and saw a yellow one. Replaced at 80 'by Orlando Sá.

From the bench:

6-Boulahroud. He entered at 56 'for Benkhemassa to carry out the same mission in the center of the field. He lost too many balls. Little contribution.

9-Orlando Sat. The Portuguese came out at 80 'instead of Caye Quintana. He couldn't come into play.

31-Hicham. He started at 89 'for Ismael Casas, who was injured and was injured in the first race he did. He suffered in his left leg, hamstring so Málaga finished with 10 players. Bad business.

14-Esteban Rolón. The Argentine entered for Rahmani at 89 'to reinforce the center of the field in the final stretch.

Sergio Pellicer. The Málaga coach this time opted for a 4-1-4-1 scheme. Excellent defensive work and very positive application of the famous offside tactic in which the Castellón forwards fell a thousand times.