Real Madrid is positive about Operation Haaland, even taking into account that a fierce bid has been opened for its signing among the main teams in Europe. The player's agent, Mino Raiola, has decided not to hide this interest from the most powerful clubs in English and Spanish football and last week he started a tour, in which the Norwegian's father accompanied him, to speak first-hand with each of those interested. Including Madrid and Barça. However, the white club is certain that it is the best positioned in this extreme situation.

And it is the best positioned based on several factors. First of all, the will of the player, who prefers to wear the Madrid shirt. Odegaard has done the fieldwork with the forward, both friends and teammates with Norway. It was easy for him, since Haaland (20 years old) grew up in football with Cristiano as a reference when the Portuguese shone in Madrid. Secondly, the CEO of Borussia, Hans-Joaquim Watzke, is close to Florentino and in love with his management. And finally, Mino Raiola, the player's agent, is very interested in starting a fruitful relationship with Madrid. Haaland would be the best way to start it.

All the stars line up for Haaland to wear white despite the competition. But of this relationship of factors (will of the player, his agent and relationship with Borussia), the friendship between Watzke and Florentino is the most important, since the German leader will give absolute priority to Madrid, on the one hand, and also the possibility of splitting the transfer payment over several seasons, which will alleviate the impact on the white club's accounts and facilitate their hiring.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Only Real Madrid must find a way to finance an operation that, six years from now, may involve a disbursement of 270 million: around 150 million of transfer (without the figure for which Borussia would let him go this summer) plus 120 salary (20 gross per year during those six seasons). That, if the striker signed (as is usual for a player of his age) for six seasons. Operation Haaland is difficult, but for Madrid it is a matter of state.

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