Grégory Dupont came from the hand of Zidane in his second spell at Real Madrid. Known as the scientist, his good work at Lille, Celtic and, above all, in the French team, whom he physically prepared to become World Champions in 2018, opened the doors for the Whites. In his first season, despite initial doubts about a wave of injuries, his work was essential in the white comeback in 2019-20, the year the pandemic stopped soccer.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The footballers had to change their way of staying in shape and the whites came back ready to win the championship. But nevertheless, in 2020-21 he returned to the eye of the hurricane. Various physical problems of the team questioned their methods and in June 2021 he would say goodbye to Madrid, taking his place an Antonio Pintus that i was coming home. Now, in an interview in The voice of the North analyzes his passage through the Spanish capital.

Real Madrid call: “I was very good, but I needed to get to a big club. I’m not saying that Lille is not, but Real Madrid is … In fact, I needed something like that. So, when I had the opportunity, I said yes. I just I had the role of physical trainer of the first team. In the (French) federation, I had more freedom, different functions. In Real Madrid everything was in its place and you had to stay in your position “.

Less margin for error?: “Absolutely, we know what it means to be at the service of the institution. It is very professional, everything is calculated, measured. The image is very important, the way we position ourselves … Everything is orchestrated.”

Relationship with the French: “With all French speakers, because Eden Hazard was also there. I met Eden in Lille, I watched him grow … The relationship was very good with everyone, Raphaël (Varane) and Karim (Benzema), of course, Ferland Mendy. Thibaut Courtois too”.

¿Y Zinedine Zidane?: “Of course, and his assistants David Bettoni, Hamidou Msaidie… He made a great French-speaking community.”

How do coaches experience criticism?: “It’s part of football and the life of the big clubs. At Real Madrid, Zizou was criticized and is Zizou! He won three Champions Leagues as a coach, he has his career, his titles … But yes, the coaches are affected sometimes, it depends on the personalities. The same goes for the players. Some say no, but it affects them. It is mainly because of the feedback they have, through their family, for example “

Zidane: “Zizou It is very demanding. We often have the image of a very talented player, who makes everything easy, but is also someone who works hard. He is a very demanding and very respectful coach. It makes the players work a lot. He always seeks to advance them. It is interesting because we compare our experiences. For example, matches every three days, is it beneficial to always sleep in the hotel the day before the match when the family is absent? .. “.

Benzema: “Karim is super professional, very rigorous. He tries to optimize everything, works hard, looks at everything. In fact, at Real Madrid, he trains everyone. Sergio Ramos, Lucas Vázquez, Raphaël Varane … Eden Hazard too. Some say who trust their talent. Talent at one point is no longer enough. “

Media effect: “We take it into account. At Madrid, for example, all this gets worse. What I say to a player in training may be in the press. It arrives. We agree with a player who must work on his acceleration, by next day, it’s in the press… It’s disturbing. “

Did you feel the pressure in Madrid?: “Yes, I even had threats. If I didn’t give them information, they would broadcast things about me. The only way out was not to respond. But they did it anyway. And at one point, when there were injuries, it was all my fault. They even got distorted the results when putting the positives for COVID among the injured … “.

Did you feel harassed?: “Yes, like the players. In Madrid, the players dress up to go out to the city, even if only to go to the movies. If they are at a very high level it is because they have already passed many stages. They manage to handle it fine anyway. They know that neither they nor we, the staff, can control all this. The only thing they can control is how it is perceived. Nowadays some journalists write anything and everything. And in Madrid it is really exacerbated, the written things are completely false and there is not much to do because correcting is giving importance “.