The white club, one of the two who have voted against in the Assembly on the closing 2020-21 and the numbers for 2021-22


Joan Laporta and Florentino Pérez, in a file image


LaLiga de Fútbol Profesional ha The Professional Football League has summoned the 42 professional football clubs that make up the General Assembly. Appointment to approve the accounts for the past season 2020-2021 as well as the budget for this season.

Both have been supported by the majority with a total of 39 votes in favor, 2 against and one abstention. In this way, the League carries out the accounts of the past season 2020-2021, which was still clearly marked by the impact of the pandemic. As well as the budget for the current season 2021-2022 where it gradually returns to normal as the incidence of COVID and with the return of the entire public to the stadiums.

The 42 professional football clubs have attended the event, either in person or virtually, including the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. An opposition that has once again made clear this Tuesday the Real Madrid being precisely one of the only two who have voted against the accounts and the budget presented by the League. In addition, the white club has expressed it publicly. The other vote against is not known. In the case of the Barça club, which has been represented by its legal representative Pere Luis Mellado, has abstained but has not voted against. By the Real Madrid has been Begoña Sanz, general director of the white club. This supposes an endorsement of more than 90% of the clubs

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