The Champions League will once again leave a trail of millions among its participants. The pressure from clubs to earn more money and the real threat from the Super League have made UEFA more and more generous. The prizes are succulent one more season. Thus, for each victory the teams will pocket 2.8 million and for each tie, 930,000.

Playing the group stage is awarded with 15.64 million. Accessing the round of 16 entails 9.6, making it to the quarterfinals 10.6, being a semifinalist 12.5 and being in the final 15.5. The winner of the tournament adds 4.5 more. In this way, a team can reach a maximum of 85.1 in prizes if it ends up being champion in Saint Petersburg, more than the 82.5 of last year.

To this must be added the television market pool and the coefficient by ranking, one of the important novelties. In this last section, UEFA is going to distribute 600.6 million among the clubs according to their sporting merits in recent seasons and their classification in the UEFA ranking. Madrid is the one that leads the profits in that sense and starts the competition with 51.4 million in its coffers. Bayern is second with 50.3 and Barcelona third with 49.2. Regarding the other Spaniards, Atlético starts with 47, Sevilla with 40.2 and Villarreal with 29.

Regarding the market pool, UEFA distributes 300.3 million. The criterion is based on the interest that each representative generates in their country. It depends on television audience criteria. There is also a sports component according to the classification obtained in the national league in the previous season.