Madrid have not won a Classic league at home since 2014

Balance. Have been disputed 243 Official Classics balances with 96 victories of Barcelona, 95 triumphs of Real Madrid and 52 draws. In the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid and Barça have faced 97 times, with a clear advantage for the locals who added 49 wins, 22 draws and only gave up 26 defeats.

Goals The 802 official goals of the 243 Classics played to date are distributed as follows: 403 from Real Madrid and 399 from Barcelona. The 'centennial' goals of Madrid were made by Barinaga (100), Gento (200), Zamorano (300) and Cristiano (400), while those of the Barça team were scored by César (100), Schuster (200) and Luis Enrique ( 300).

Total draw. The balance of 179 classics disputed in the League history It is fully balanced: 72 wins and 286 goals for Madrid and 72 victories and 288 goals for Barcelona. There were 35 draws. If Barcelona wins today at the Santiago Bernabéu, it will beat Real Madrid in victories in the classic league for the first time in its history.

Three years of drought. The Real Madrid does not win a Official classic from the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2017 (2-0). Since then, Barcelona has added four victories and three draws to the eternal rival and today could equal a historic streak of the Classics: the eight consecutive games without losing Real Madrid (between March 2001 and December 2003). Barcelona too linked seven Classics in a row without defeats between April 2011 and January 2012, but he lost what would have been the eighth of the series: 1-2 in April 2012, with the goal of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Camp Nou that finally decanted that League in favor of the whites with records of points (100) and goals (121).

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The Bernabéu Barcelona have won five of their last six games at the Bernabéu, including the most recent three in a row and without receiving a single goal against (0-4, 2-3, 2-0, 0-3, 0- 3 and 0-1). No visitor had defeated Real Madrid three times in a row in their stadium and only Valencia (between 1967 and 1969), Atlético (between 1967 and 1969) and Real Betis (between 2017 and 2019) had also managed to link three official visits followed by the Merengue Coliseum without receiving a single goal against, although Barcelona may be the first to reach four.

Streak culé. Barcelona has won in the field of Real Madrid in the last four editions of LaLiga (0-4, 2-3, 0-3 and 0-1), a milestone unprecedented in the history of the Spanish championship. The last triumph of the white set before his hobby in a classic garter belt dates from October 25, 2014 (3-1 with goals from Cristiano, Pepe and Benzema, which served to overcome the initial goal of Neymar). In the last eleven leagues, Barcelona has played at the Bernabéu at home (eight wins, one draw and only two losses).

As a leader. Barcelona has played 22 matches as a LaLiga leader in Real Madrid field and has added six wins, four draws and twelve losses. Madrid being second in the standings, the balance is six local wins, two draws and three games won by the Barça team.

The challenge. Real Madrid has had six opportunities to take away the lead of the league to Barcelona in its stadium (This will be the seventh) and he did it four times: on October 25, 1953 after winning 5-0, on February 15, 1959 after winning 1-0, on November 29, 1959 after winning 2-0 and October 22, 1988 after beating 3-2. It only failed twice, on October 8, 1986 (1-1) and on November 21, 2015 (0-4).

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Good omen Real Madrid have only played a Classic immediately after losing a European competition match at home. Four days after the defeat against Tirol Wacker (0-1), in the Recopa de Europa 1970-71, the white team lost again in Santiago Bernabéu against Barcelona (0-1 on October 25, 1970, goal of Zabalza). The good news, from a cabalistic point of view, is that It is the only European tie that Madrid has overcome after losing the one way home (won 0-2 in Innsbruck, Austria, in the second leg).

After the defeat. The balance of Real Madrid in the league match immediately after a European defeat at home is ten wins (the last four in a row), five draws and six losses (the last one was a 2-3 in the Bernabéu against Real Zaragoza , three days after losing 0-2 at the Bernabéu against Barcelona in the semifinals of the 2010-11 Champions League).

League goals. In the last day the Barcelona beat Real Madrid as a team with the most goals scored in the history of LaLiga (6,151 versus 6,150). Real Madrid had 42 goals ahead of the Barca team at the time of Cristiano Ronaldo's departure, heading for Juventus, and 42 are the goals that the Portuguese star has scored in Serie A since then. Real Madrid had been the leader in this classification, uninterruptedly, since September 29, 1963. In fact, it had a maximum advantage of 139 goals (3,695 versus 3,556) on September 22, 1990. The day Messi's league debut (October 16, 2004) the advantage was 70 targets for whites (4,711 vs. 4,641).