“I'm going to make it easy for the club. Madrid has given me everything“. This was the forceful reflection what did Zidane when he returned to to ask on whether the next season will return to sit on the bench White. Before that, he had answered that question evasively: “That will be seen …”. But the truth is that Zidane has a contract until 2022 So what, I did it this season with a workforce affected by the tightness of the coronavirus crisis has had a lot of merit. And that is the idea that the club has, that it continues as long as it wants …

Even more, as AS has learned, Real Madrid have not initiated contact some with the technicians who are available and that they are capable of training the white team. He has not done it with Allegri has also not spoken to Raúl about this possibility and, to this day, Joachim Löw's agent, that Germany will leave after the Eurocup, either has received call some. Therefore, Madrid fully trusts Zidane and there is nothing else that has transpired in the market.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

“If a club like Real Madrid thought to change their manager or in the possibility that there was a movement already I would have a couple of possibilities prepared to cover their backs “, reasons to this newspaper one of the agents of the three protagonists who sounded for the bench. In the case of Allegri, in addition, it is very close to close his signing for one of them main teams in Europe.

Raúhe follows doing in Castilla. It is the ideal choice for Real Madrid when Zidane has definitively finished his stage because it is a coach of the same court: knows how to handle the environment, the message to the media and has the total respect from anyone let it be the template for having been a myth of Real Madrid and won so much. That was the formula for Zidane's success.

The French coach will have to sit at talk to Real Madrid when the season is over. But having reached semifinals of the Champions and fighting the League to the end is enough baggage to get the green light to the end of his contract and, why not, to a possible renewal … And it seems that he wants to continue, taking over an exciting and new project in which there will be a little revolution that will begin, presumably, with the signing of Mbappé or, if not possible, with that of Haaland.

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