Courtois: First a failure in an overhead start. Then a clear penalty … Not every day can you save Madrid.

Carvajal: He was the best of Madrid. How the team had missed him during his absence because of the knee injury. It is a decisive surprise element in the attack, he showed it in the passing of the goal from Mariano. And in defense, spectacular. It is appreciated that after so long he returns to his best level.

Varane: He did not have a complicated game which, without Ramos being there, is always appreciated. He saved a clear against Gerard Moreno. It was very fast.

Nacho: Like Modric, another that ensures good performance. Some smart attack raise, some action won to saving Bacca. Solid.

Mendy: Better in the first part than in the second. He has definitely established himself as a starting left-hander. He saved in 68 'after a failure by Courtois.

Kroos: Great scare in his departure that could cost Madrid a goal (from Gerard Moreno). Without Casemiro, he had a different role than usual in him, more positional ahead of the centrals.

Modric: Ensures spectacular performance. What good does Madrid do for their dynamism and security with the ball… and their attitude.

Lucas Vazquez: He has had a lot of prominence in the last games and yesterday, with Carvajal, Zidane rewarded him with the title. And it made the team stronger. He was able to score in the 72nd minute.

Odegaard: What a great opportunity he missed to finally take off at Madrid, as he played in his ideal position of 10, ahead of Kroos and Modric. But he's shy. Just a little disparity in 54. If you don't take risks, you won't succeed.

Hazard: From little to less… He is still a long way from the Hazard of the season prior to his arrival at Madrid. He had an excuse because he came from training in confinement after testing positive. But the reality is that it doesn't even try to overflow.

Mariano: His attitude every time he is given the opportunity is admirable. How admirable is his scoring ability. The truth is that it puts them. In the first part he ran 4.8 kilometers, a lot as a forward. And he made merit plays. As soon as the second half started, he hurt himself and his performance dropped.


Isco: In the midst of the hurricane on his request to leave in winter, Zidane reached for him with 0-1 to have more ball and went unnoticed.

Vinicius: You definitely have a problem making the best choice. It does one good and three bad.

Asensio: Zidane put him as a center forward for Mariano at the end of the game. He improved the team, but the inertia was already bad.

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