Courtois: At the end of the game he did not catch a ball and had to save Nacho.

Carvajal: He almost scored again from the front with that volley with his right hand that he is making so much his.

Varane: A game without starring in any scare in the back … Ramos was not there and he had no problems.

Nacho: Very fast, very good, as always when he has a chance to plug a hole. He saved a goal from Aspas and the next play Madrid scored the first. Saved another in the end.

Mendy: The team is more solid with him. And it is not because it does not rise, that it does it constantly. But he has that physical capacity and speed to be in the two places that are needed.

Modric: What mobility. How clever in the field. And what intuition to get where it is needed. He stole the ball that led to the 2-0. Let the Croatian last …

Casemiro: Participated in the second goal giving the pass to Lucas Vázquez. Well in its role of anchor.

Kroos: Elegant on the field as always. Impeccable in the pass and giving clarity to the game. Only one but, which begins to have the tic of throwing himself as soon as he feels a contact from behind … If in one of those the referee does not whistle, it can cost the team a dislike.

Lucas Vazquez: There are already 16 games in a row as a starter. Let's see who now takes the Galician out of eleven. A player for a coach. Defensive waste, imbalance up. He scored the first head. He gave the second to Asensio. Spectacular.

Benzema: Missed a couple of shots, nothing happens. But what control did he do with the outside of his right foot, killing a ball that bounced in front of him and favoring the counter… What quality does the Frenchman have. If that is added to the fact that he is always alert in defense, insisting on the first pressure, ‘chapeau’.

Asensio: At last more continuous flashes of Majorcan. First a luxury assist to Lucas Vázquez. What a dilemma, to put it on the left so that it puts those delicious centers or on the right so that it is outlined to shoot, which few do like him. He has participated in four of the team's last five goals. Asensio shows his paw.


Hazard: He entered with 15 minutes ahead, like a shark, smelling the blood and getting to the center looking for a goal that lifts his spirits. The game was more than broken and with many spaces … But nothing.

Vinicius: Out of time, he played five minutes.

Valverde: Out of time, he played five minutes.

Odegaard: Out of time, he played five minutes. But it was enough to give him a painful stomp.

Mariano: With even less time, it came out in 90.


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