Though Lydia Lozano He did not go to his job this Saturday because he had suffered “an anxiety crisis”, his name was very present on the set of the Deluxe. In fact, from the program they sent a reporter to the door of her house in case at any moment the journalist decided to have a face to face with her “enemy”, Al Bano.

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In the end, the meeting did not take place but the singer left him several messages. The first: that he is not going to forgive him because “God has to do it.” It should be remembered that her ‘war’ began when Lydia stated in 2005 that Ylenia Carrisidaughter of the Italian, was still alive after his disappearance in 1994. The body of the young woman never appeared and in December 2013 her death was officially declared.

the woman of Charly He has lost forgiveness for what was his great professional mistake, but he has dragged on the guilt ever since. “She is broken and devastated. The program management has spoken to her again and she was in a state of panic,” said reporter Antonio Lleida.

However, the interpreter Happiness Lozano’s argument was not believed: “I think she tears easily, as if she had an internal tear factory. It’s like the month of March, when it rains every day, she seems like a great actress to me.”

For Al Bano, the important thing is that Lydia forgets him “as I have forgotten her”. “What she did was unique and unrepeatable. She spoke about my daughter without knowing the truth and she did me great harm. Let her make her life and succeed,” she said.

Closed the chapter of the collaborator of Save meRomina Power’s ex-husband faced the real issue for which he sat in the Telecinco program: Patricia Donoso. The one who was a friend of Ortega Cano assures that both they had a three year romance, but Al Bano says he doesn’t know her at all. “I’ll give you a complaint,” the singer snapped at Donoso.