The fear of Lydia Lozano. As confirmed by his colleagues from Save methis Thursday, September 22, the journalist was successfully operated on for her vertebra fracture in a Madrid hospital.

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It was Lydia herself who told her diagnosis on Tuesday after going to the emergency room for back pain: “I have to have surgery, I’ve been on a streak, I haven’t stopped crying since they told me yesterday. I’ve been in the hospital all weekend bed. I’m wearing the one around my neck, my hand is broken and I’m a piece of shit”.

“I have broken vertebra 8 and since I have osteoporosis it has stuck to 7. I am scared a lot,” he acknowledged then, unable to contain his tears in full direct.

Visibly nervous, the journalist entered this Thursday to be operated. She arrived accompanied by her husband Charly and revealed how he had spent the night before his intervention: “Fatal. With a lot of pain because I did not want to take anything because they are going to anesthetize me now.”

Lydia’s new setback adds to the problems she had with her neck and hand. You have to remember that last year she had cervical surgery and, a few months ago, she broke part of her arm in a domestic accident. However, the intervention was a success and now she only has to recover.