Lydia Lozano He was not on the set of the Deluxewhere they interviewed Al Bano. The singer spoke of the eternal conflict that he has had with the journalist since she assured in 2005 that Ylenia Carrisithe artist’s missing daughter, was alive.

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The interpreter of congratulationswho did not veto Lozano in his interview, He left several messages. The first: that he is not going to forgive him because “God has to do it.” She also hit him where it hurts the most: “I think she tears easily, as if she had an internal tear factory. It’s like the month of March, when it rains every day. I think she’s a great actress.”

Lydia, who has been questioned by her classmates Save me After not going to the interview, she reacted this Monday: “I have already forgiven myself.” In this sense, she has added: “I am not obsessed with him, I am with my blunder.” Annoyed and in a high tone, she blurted out: “The one who won’t stop talking about me is him.”

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The media war between the two began when the commentator stated in 2005 that Ylenia, the Italian’s daughter, was still alive after her disappearance in 1994. The young woman’s body never appeared and in December 2013, by permission of her father, she officially declared his death.