The Belgian Romelu Lukaku, who scored a double this Sunday and gave an assist in Inter Milan's 0-2 to 4-2 league comeback against Torino, considered that his club is “not yet” a big and kept his concentration high in view of the duel next Wednesday against Real Madrid in the Champions League.


“We are not yet a great team, because if we suffer like this it is not okay, in the first sixty minutes we played very badlyWe were in trouble, we played without determination, without enthusiasm. But then we wake up and get all three points. ” Lukaku told DAZN at the end of the San Siro game.

“I am just a player who wants to help, I don't like it when they say I'm a leader, because we have many important players, I am only one of the 25 players and I want to help the team“added the Belgian, who has scored seven doubles in his last 21 games between Inter and his team.

Inter Shield / Flag

Inter was losing 0-2 until 62, but a goal from Alexis Sánchez and a Lukaku double, signed in 1990 by the Argentine Lautaro Martínez, they gave three points to Antonio Conte's team.

“I'm growing, you try to improve every day, to be a champion. Champions win trophies, this is my motivation. I'm a good player with a good team that helps me, “said Lukaku, not hiding his ambition to get his hands on a trophy this course.

Conte: “Technique is useless without determination”

Antonio Conte, Inter Milan coach, He stressed this Sunday that the technique “is useless” if it is not accompanied by “determination” and the desire “to make the game difficult for the rival”, commenting on the suffered comeback from 0-2 to 4-2 achieved against Torino in Serie A.

He expressed the hope that Inter's rivals will notice their players' hunger for victory already inside the dressing room tunnel, with three days remaining until the momentous Champions League match against Real Madrid. “The 0-2 would kill anyone, but we show that we have something important also at the character level, sometimes you have to work to find it. It was not easy, I am happy with the comeback and because we scored four goals, “Conte told DAZN at the end of the San Siro match.

“You have to be willing to play, the opponents must notice, even in the dressing room tunnel. We are not ready yet. I hope this is clear to them. I agree with what Romelu (Lukaku) said, that we are not a great team yet, “he added.

Inter will now focus on the duel against Madrid in the group stage of the Champions League, in which the Milanese team is bottom and only added two points in the first three games.

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