“It is a very important source of income” for non-professional football

MADRID, Jan. 8 (SportsFinding) –

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, was “satisfied” with the start of the new Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, since the tournament “has risen in level” and will especially help football not Spanish professional thanks to the income of this new format.

“I am satisfied. This Supercup is good and important for the teams that have participated, and for Spanish non-professional football, because it is a very important source of income,” he told Movistar Plus, after 1-3 of Real Madrid. Valencia in Jeddah.

In addition, Rubiales highlighted the role of football so that in Saudi Arabia they work on inequality between men and women. “As for other things that have been talked about, football is not the solution of anything but it can help to open certain doors, that positive mouth taste we take today, seeing in the stands many women and children enjoying this game “, he claimed.

“It is the beginning of something and I hope that just as it will be good for Spanish non-professional football, it will be good for this country,” he added, before recalling that the Super Cup is an injection of income that “disadvantaged” football will notice. “We are advancing to have a football with more resources, the Second B, Third and women's football will be fed with extra income and we will help that football that is so disadvantaged continue advancing,” he said.

“I don't usually do sports balance, but when we went for this format in February we knew that the Super Cup was going to go from being little more than a summer bolus to a very important tournament. It is the most important short official winch in the world, because none He brings these great clubs. The clubs almost asked us for the Super Cup to disappear and today he has risen, “he concluded.