Setback for Málaga in the run-up to the game. The club reported that Luis Muñoz was not part of the starting eleven in this match against Oviedo because he had been in contact with a positive for coronavirus. For this reason, and in accordance with the established protocols, the Malaga player must keep a 10-day quarantine. It will be isolated. Neither will he be able to play the Cup match against Granada.

The player is doing well, but will have to undergo tests in the next few days to know if the contact you have had has hit you with the disease. That of Luis Muñoz is the first casualty derived from COVID'19 that Málaga has had in an official match since the start of the pandemic. That of Josua Mejías in Albacete was also for disciplinary reasons.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

VAR referee changed

On the other hand the Balearic Male Aceitón substituted as VAR referee to the Navarrese Prieto Iglesias, which has not been able to move because of the storm.


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