Luis Miguel triumphs at his concert in Córdoba before the eyes of his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas

This Friday, El Sol de México offered another of its applauded concerts in the Los Califas bullring to inaugurate its musical tour of Spain after recharging its batteries with Paloma Cuevas with an evening in one of the most exclusive establishments in the center of the capital of Cordoba: the Ermita de la Candelaria. From hours before the start of their performance, excitement surrounded the 8,400 attendees, who, after the sound of the first chords, unleashed madness.

Luis Miguel He is very much loved by the public, but also by his colleagues for whom he is a reference in the music industry. In fact, at his appointment in the Andalusian city he was accompanied by numerous well-known faces who wanted to experience the artist’s triumph first-hand. Among them were Pastora Soler, Luis Fonsi, Luis Alfonso de Borbon, Margarita Vargas, Miguel Lago, Rosa Clara and, of course, his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, who maintains a close relationship with the ‘queen of brides’ after having been a great support in her complicated divorce from Enrique Ponce with the publicized infidelity of Ana Soria and himself.

Starting at eight in the evening and without capacity problems thanks to strict security measures, the more than 8,000 attendees were able to enjoy for more than an hour some forty hits by the artist, among which they heard “Será que no me amas”, “Amor, amor, amor”, “Dame”, “Somos novios”, “La fiesta del mariachi” or “La incondicional”, some of Luis Miguel’s greatest hits.

Surrounded by an orchestra made up of forty-two musicians, three choristers and the mariachi group and wearing his usual suit, the singer touched the sky in the Andalusian city under the watchful eye of his girlfriend who, as usual, remained in a second flat and without wanting to appear in the images.

Córdoba: the city that witnessed his love for Paloma Cuevas

The truth is that the artist wanted to begin his national tour in the city where the designer was born fifty-one years ago. A romantic detail that has not left anyone indifferent after the love story that began at the beginning of 2022 as a rumor. Shortly after, new details of that friendship between families came to light since Luisito Rey, the artist’s father, followed the bullfighter Victoriano Valencia, the Cordoban woman’s father.

It should be noted that Victoriano has been in poor health for a year and has had to go to the hospital many times. The last time was last weekend, when he was diagnosed with a serious illness. He has been in poor health for a year and has had to go to the hospital many times.

Luis Miguel arrived in Spain at the beginning of this week, as we reported on this website, he stayed in Madrid, where Paloma Cuevas traveled to meet him again and also with Michelle Salas, the singer’s daughter, and her husband Danilo, who are also in Spain to continue their tour.

This tour will undoubtedly bring her as much joy as the American tour that has broken all current records. Now, she has a very busy stage ahead of her, as she has already booked shows in Seville (June 30), Pamplona (July 3), Madrid (July 6 and 7), Murcia (July 10), Roquetas de Mar (July 13), Barcelona (July 17 and 18), A Coruña (July 21), Valencia (July 27) and Marbella (July 31 and August 2 and 3), where she says goodbye to Spain.