Paloma Cuevas y Luis Miguel They are on a cloud of love, although now they spend more time apart than usual due to the singer’s Latin American tour. In Informalia We talked this Monday about the plans of the woman from Córdoba without the artist: she had dinner, karaoke and a photo booth at the party of one of her close friends Cristina Yanes.

Although the relationship between the two is increasingly consolidated, the truth is that for the moment there will be no wedding. Rumors of a possible link have been swirling for the last year. It has emerged that the interpreter of La Bikina He has asked her to marry him. However, we also know the response of Victoriano Valencia’s daughter.

Palomita and Bianca’s mother has said no to the new love of her life: “She prefers to wait a while and for everything to settle. She is delighted, happy and having a life that does not change for anything but she has said that ‘not moment’. They have talked about a wedding but she now has other priorities,” said journalist Paloma García-Pelayo this Monday on the Sonsoles Ónega program.

Paloma, who turned 51 on September 11, is in a fulfilling moment in her life: “Living is a gift, a wonderful journey,” she wrote then on her networks. Of Enrique Poncewho continues to do his thing with Ana Soria, he doesn’t even remember anymore. Her love for Luis Miguel, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than a year, has given her a breath of fresh air. Next to her lives a second youth.