Real Mallorca travels to Sabadell with the aim of winning and do not repeat defeat like Castalia a week ago. Their options to secure the second qualifying place are in it and therefore, coach Luis García Plaza has decided that the entire squad travel, those who can and play and those who cannot because he considers that “it is time to make pineapple.”

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Recovered from Covid Lago Junior and Antonio Sánchez, who already train, it is obvious that they are not yet to play, but they will be part of the expedition as well as Abdon who remains doubtful, Baba who has suffered a setback and he will not be able to dress short and a third 'touched' by a flu process that the coach has not wanted to reveal in case it may be the end of the game. But with all this, the vermilion coach points out that this “is a time to be all together, whether they can participate or not, even if it is only to help or encourage, it is time to do pineapple.” Furthermore, it must be added that They return after serving sanction, Amath and Sedlar.

On the rival, the Madrilenian ensures that “Sabadell is a different team from Castellón, it is a team with a highly automated ball kick from behind, they make you run, they make you work, and because of its style it seems like a team that tries to dominate the game, have the ball, although by A or by B they are not getting performance out of that style because they are on the decline, and that's a no-brainer, but it's not one of those teams that give you the ball and get back and They play you very direct, not Sabadell, they want the ballThey want to play, they are open and they compete for the ball with you. “

According to Luis García, among the good things about the Harlequin team is that “from behind is one of the best teams in organizing the game, They combine backwards and play with the goalkeeper, people come between the lines that attract you to improve yourself and that aspect is very well worked although it is true that another team, playing differently, may be getting better results. “

Regarding his team's solution to overcome these arguments, Luis García affirms that “if we are well defensively and we are that intense team without the ball and that works very well, then with the ball we can hurt them, but that happens to maintain a very great defensive seriousness“.

The Mallorcan coach is clear that seven days from the end “we are already in the decisive phase and in our case, with an advantage over the rivals, that is why each victory is a very important step forward“.

And if something is clear and the coach expresses it out loud, it is what his players are achieving with a speech that tries to belittle the mistakes and give value to the successes, above all, when comparing budgets with rivals with whom the Balearic team is competing for promotion. In this sense, Luis García states that Mallorca “It's a group of kids who have given us so much and, above all, with such honesty, with such strength, with so much desire and beating rivals that … “, and there he stops to open a parenthesis that exemplifies his words:” when I saw the match between Espanyol and Almería the other day, I said to myself:We are all year supporting Espanyol, now three points and with the feeling that we are not going to catch him, and hopefully I'm wrong, and that we get seven points from Almería and ten from Leganés, it is for these people (their players) are reinforced by all the people around the team, the season that these players are doing is hat and I say it because I am sorry, whatever happens, we reach the final goal or we do not reach it, teams like Almería or Leganés that make a ten million difference in the budget and we are above them seven and ten points, what do we want, go up with five days to go? “

Luis García adds in this regard that you have to “see the reality of the second division and what it costs and what these guys who deserve to be supported are doing, not only from the coach, but from all the people. “