Luis Enrique Martinez has been cutting this Thursday when talking about the situation of Sergio
Busquets, isolated at his home in Barcelona after testing positive for Covid in a PCR last Sunday. The coach, when asked if he wants to wait for the Barça midfielder, said that “I don't want to wait for him: we will wait for it. It will be on the list, for sure. “

“If we look at the newspaper archive of the last 11 or 12 years we will see what it gives us: it is an offensive medium that exerts high pressure, which improves every play that passes through its feet, which is a defensive spectacle, it is ours captain and ours Leader“, has added.

What if I would list 26 instead of 24? No, now I would make her 23: less risk of contagion

The technician has also ruled out the possibility that Sergio
Bouquets, whose absence in the list of 24 players provided at the time attracted powerfully attention, can enter into the definitive relationship.

“It will not enter because your situation is the same that when he did not enter the first screen ”, has assured the selector. “Nothing has changed”.

Nor has their criteria for deciding that the list out of 24 players instead of 26, the maximum ceiling set by UEFA. When asked if knowing what would happen to Busquets now would have made a broader relationship, the Asturian released with an answer ‘made in Luis Enrique’: “Right now I would summon 23 players: It is already known that at risk of contagion, the more people there are, the greater the risk: if I had known, I would have called 23 ”.

The ideal would have been to vaccinate the players the day after knowing the call

According to the controversy generated by vaccination of the players, which in principle will take place this Friday despite the fact that ‘Lucho’ said he did not have official confirmation, the coach has made his position clear.

“The ideal would have been to put the vaccine the next day to know the list of summoned ”, has ensured. “But we will accept any decision made in this regard. This is a topic that the president personally carries (Lewis
Rubiales) and that we leave in the hands of the doctors, who are the specialists in this matter ”, he explained.

If this has affected me psychologically? For me this is child's play compared to situations that I have experienced

The coach has been undone in praise to the attitude of his players and to how they have faced the situation generated as a result of the positive of the captain of the Red and has been resounding about the impact that this issue has had on Luis Enrique himself: “For me, this is child's play compared to other situations that I have had to live ”.

And before the press conference ends, an answer to Aina Vidal, Deputy of En Comú Podem who intervened in the controversy over the vaccination of the internationals, whom she described as “eleven men who tap a ball.” Eight words were enough for the technician to answer him: “Indifference is one of the best weapons ”.

(+) Listen here to the coach's analysis of everything that happened these days in the concentration of the 'red':


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