After drawing 1-1 against Germany in the group stage, Luis Enrique took stock of the game and the team’s situation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the press conference, the coach also emotionally recalled his daughter Is itwho would have turned 13 this Sunday.

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“It’s been a special day for me and my family. It’s been a long time. It’s obvious that we don’t have our daughter, but we try to live it naturally, remembering her, laughing, thinking about how she would act in many of the things that happen to us in day to day,” he confessed.

Little Xana, who died at just nine years of age due to osteosarcoma, is always in the family’s memory: “That’s how life works, it’s not just beautiful things, but it also consists of managing those moments,” added the Gijón coach.

Hours before the game was to be played, Luis Enrique also moved the fans. From Doha and on his bicycle, he recorded a video with his mobile phone to send a message dedicated to his little girl: “We are already in the fourteenth day of concentration. Today we not only play against Germany. Today is also a very special day because Xanita I would be 13 years old. Love, wherever you are, lots of kisses and have a great day. We love you.”

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Xana left a great void in the family but she always lives in her memory. A few days ago, the former Culé coach remembered her in one of her TikTok streams: “Look how brave. It’s the year 2016, she was seven years old, the first always with a smile.” Now, the one from Gijón is focused on his work, his wife, Elena Cullelland their two children, On it (22) y Sira (twenty). The latter, Spanish champion in horse jumping, goes out with the footballer Ferran Torreswho plays for Barça and has been called up by his ‘father-in-law’ in the National Team.