The Spanish coach Luis Enrique has made it clear that Pedri, a FC Barcelona player, could be called up for the national team at any time due to its great moment of form. This has been ensured in the Movistar + microphones at the break of the first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona:


He has not yet been called by Luis Enrique: “We have not summoned him but he is a regular at the U21, he is a man of the house.”

It was speculated that perhaps he did not have Pedri for the March call to reserve him and play the European Under-21: “In the case that concerns me I have total preference, as De La Fuente has let me know. I will select the players who are the best. Pedri or any player can come between now and March. Pedri is a player we like the mayority”.

The first part of the Real Sociedad-FC Barcelona: “You have seen the logical respect that you have two teams with a knockout profile like this one. This result forces Real to have to attack and tie the game. I think there will be a second half with more opportunities for the two teams”.


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