The Spanish team will play on Qatar World Cup 2022. A huge credit to all footballers and especially to Luis Enrique, as Jordi Alba himself recognized.

“The coach’s idea is good and people are responding well to it. He transmits a lot, he is a coach who knows a lot. It transmits everything you want at all times, it makes you be alert at every minute. I have known him for many years and he is a fair coach with everyone and gives opportunities, “said the left-back, who made it clear that he has put aside the initial quarrels with the coach, adding that” he has done a thousand wonders since it arrived. Thanks to that, he has become excited again. ”

Beyond the appearance of Lucho, Jordi Alba He claimed that “we are very happy. In the Eurocup we did a very good role. Despite not winning, I noticed a support that I had not seen for a long time. We suffered, we went with the idea of ​​winning. I am very happy to play another World Cup “. What’s more, even the way to do it, with all of Seville turned into La Cartuja, is something that “we would have signed just before we started. We have been with our people.”

Now, the goal that is set is the highest. “We don’t know if we will win, but we are going with that idea. We will find very good teams, but I trust a lot in this group and in the atmosphere that there is, which is essential for this type of tournaments. Those of us who have the opportunity to go will enjoy it and those who don’t, to support “.

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