Luis Enrique donates the money raised on Twitch during the World Cup to a foundation against childhood cancer


The Spanish coach Luis Enrique Martínez has donated 30,000 euros to the Enriqueta Villavecchia Children’s Oncology Foundation, as he promised during the World Cup in Qatar, when he was the Spanish coach, from the collection of his live shows on the Twitch social network.

“As I informed you at the time, all the income that was obtained in the ‘stream’ sessions that we carried out in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 would go to the Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation,” recalled the former national coach.

Twitch has a 50-50% income formula, one half for the platform and the other for the ‘streamer’. “I leave you the certificate of the donation that corresponds to that 50%. Thank you very much for your generosity and support. Cheers,” added the Spaniard.

According to the data collected by the platform, Luis Enrique earned $23,995.89 -22,044.54 euros- in 16 hours and 19 minutes of direct broadcasts, in which he achieved 7,640 subscriptions and millions of views. Finally, he has decided to contribute 30,000 euros to the foundation, which helps children with cancer.