Luis Enrique can hold out until Monday, June 14, the day of Spain's debut at the Eurocup against Sweden, to change Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente in case he decides to admit other players for them to play the Eurocup. The Euro 2020 regulations were modified for the cases of Covid-19, which should not be communicated 48 hours in advance and they can be communicated and the substitutions made on the same day of the debut.

Luis Enrique will be able to change players until the same day of the premiere against Sweden in case the substitution occurs because the changed footballer is positive in Covid-19. The regulations for the Eurocup allow all teams to substitute footballers who suffer from coronavirus on the same day of the first match for the cases of footballers who have coronavirus that day.

The rules of the competition say that a footballer can be replaced 48 hours before the debut in case of injury, as in previous European Cups. That is collected in Article 47.04 of the Euro2020 regulations. But this article, which talks about “changes due to injuries and illness,” has been modified and expanded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In that article 47.04 a last point has been added that says this: “The cases of Covid-19 will be assimilated to the disease and will be treated with a shorter notice so that the decision is made before the first game of his team.” This text has been translated from English because the regulations are not in Spanish. That is, for coronavirus positives it does not take 48 hours, but it can be done on the same day of the premiere game. As he has had access to the new regulation (on the internet you can only find the first regulation that was made for the Eurocup before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic).

Therefore, Luis Enrique and any coach, in this chaos also that of Sweden, Janne Andersson, who also has two positives in his ranks, They could change any player who tests positive for Covid-19 on the same day as each team's first match at the Eurocup.