Luis, alleged brother of Anabel Pantoja: “The widow called me crying and asked for forgiveness”

Luis, the alleged son of Bernardo Pantoja, denies his confrontation with Junco, the widow of Isabel Pantoja’s brother, who stated in a Deluxe that Bernardo never told him that Luis was his son, but a friend, and labeled the “alleged” a liar in straight.

Well, Pinocchio defends himself emphatically: “Junco called the program in which I was submitting to the polygraph under pressure from who I imagine, because they are going to throw him out of the apartment he occupied with Bernardo. Perhaps they have promised him that if he attacked me and called him a liar, they would let him stay longer in that house and he won’t have to leave it immediately.

And he adds: “As I have said on other occasions, Bernardo assured me that he was my father and that he would fight to get the last name Pantoja, but he died before I decided to start the paternity suit. Finished the program on Friday, I contacted Junco, and, crying, she apologized for what she had said on air. That she loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me. And the reality is that I was the one who called her to let her know that they were taking Bernardo to the hospital on his last admission, and that I visited him more times than Junco claims. I also feel great affection for my father’s widow.”

The problem is that the Pantoja family, headed by Anabel and her aunt Isabel, is completely against Luis and does not agree when they are told that the man from Seville underwent paternity tests that show that his DNA matches in more than 99 percent with Bernardo’s.

Even the very niece gets angry with the reporters who mention Luis as her secret brother. “Brother, what brother?”, she replies annoyed.

“I repeat that Junco contacted him Deluxe In order to stay on good terms with Bernardo’s family, so that they don’t throw her out and let her use the apartment for longer, keep in mind that she is an old person and has nowhere to go. In a way I understand her, I don’t blame her for anything, because she is a good woman and she is having a very bad time. At her age, if she sees herself on the street with a minimum widow’s pension, she would be a complete disgrace.”

The relationship between Luis and his presumed sister Anabel was very different when they both formed a gang with Kiko Rivera and other friends, it is even rumored that Pinocchio and the pantojita chica, as they call her with a certain irony, came to maintain a short fooling around: “We were two kids and there was something because she was very pretty and I liked her”, confesses Pinocchio. They were less than 20 years old and already at that time there was a rumor that they could be brothers. And if it is confirmed that fooling around existed and that they were linked by a bond of brotherhood, the attitude of both would not be understood.