Lugo and injuries stopped Las Palmas (2-0), which arrived at Anxo Carro at an excellent moment after the victory in the derby with Tenerife and a six-game streak without losing, but which continues to show its worst version of home, since it still does not know the victory (three draws and two defeats) as a visitor.

The night was unfortunate for the canaries. The right wing of Lugo, with Ricard Sánchez (transferred by Atlético to Granada and loaned to the Galician team) as a starter for the first time and the usual depth of Gerard Valentín, together with injuries, were too heavy a slab for Pepe’s team Mel.

The first setback for Pepe Mel’s approach arose early, after five minutes. A clearance by Curbelo intercepted him in midfield Xavi Torres, who began a quick offensive transition at first touch. Hugo Rama participated, Gerard Valentín and Ricard braided the wall, and Ferigra scored at his own goal when he tried to clear or pass the goalkeeper.

Under the rain, intense at times, and with the accumulation of games in a condensed calendar, the visitors began to lose important troops. The first, Jonathan Viera, who felt a puncture in his right leg at 12 minutes.

With ten, while Óscar Clemente was preparing to enter, Las Palmas brushed the tie with a great action from Pejiño, who broke Alende twice and shot wide, narrowly, with his left foot.

The ball had belonged to the Canaries, but Lugo was clear that he could not let them play. In the first quarter of an hour, the Galicians had a yellow and seven fouls (14 in the first half). Pejiño, like Viera, was injured only after 24 minutes.

Las Palmas felt that it was not their night and was confirmed twelve minutes before the break in a throw-in by Hugo Rama that Chris Ramos extended with a head and the veteran Xavi Torres, who wore the captain’s armband, volleyed.

Lugo did not let his rival have continuity in the game in the first half and neither in the second. Despite the changes, the insular did not give a sense of danger and, on the other hand, the locals, who were loaded with yellow, were able to increase the rent with a direct free kick from Hugo Rama to the crossbar.

With the changes exhausted in Las Palmas, the Venezuelan Adalberto Peñaranda noticed muscular discomfort in the absence of a quarter of an hour and, after trying to play with a bandage, he had to leave the pitch, so Pepe Mel’s men finished the game with ten.



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Lugo: Lives; Ricard (Campabadal, m.46), Diego Alende, Ros, Lebedenko; Hugo Rama (Juanpe, m.75), Xavi Torres, Señé (Jaume Cuéllar, m.84); Gerard Valentín (Iriome, m.64), Joselu and Chris Ramos (Seoane, m.84).
Las Palmas: Raúl Fernández; Lemos, Ferigra (Maikel Mesa, m.46), Curbelo, Cardona; Pinchi, Loiodice, Mfulu (Raúl Navas, m.46), Pejiño (Peñaranda, m.26); Jonathan Viera (Óscar Clemente, m.15) and Sadiku (Alejandro García, m.73).
Goals: 1-0, M.5: Ferigra, in own goal. 2-0, M.33: Xavi Torres.
Referee: Ávalos Barrera (Catalan Committee). It showed yellow to Ricard (m.7), Chris Ramos (m.43), Joselu (m.60), Alende (m.64), Campabadal (m.68) and Signo (m.80) by Lugo; and to Cardona (m.27), Maikel Mesa (m.69), Óscar Clemente (m.72), Curbelo (m.77) and Lemos (m.88), from Las Palmas.
Incidents: Match of the eleventh day of LaLiga SmartBank played at Anxo Carro before 2,110 fans.

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