Lucia Rivera nothing has been left unsaid. If a few days ago we collected their confessions about the psychological and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of two of her ex-boyfriendsnow the daughter of blanca romero y Cayetano Rivera opens up about his bad relationship with his father’s ex-wife, Eva Gonzalez.

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He has done so in the chapter entitled ‘Family’ of his memoirs, Nothing is what it seems. “I know that at the beginning and in his own way, my father fought for me. And as expected, he rebuilt his life with a woman who, at first, to her chagrin, only disguised her dislike for me.”

It should be remembered that the young woman was born in September 1998 and three years later, the bullfighter married Blanca. At that moment, Cayetano adopted little Lucía and gave her her last name. But the marriage of the right-hander and the actress came to an end in 2004. So, in 2008 love knocked on the door of Kiko Rivera’s brother again and a year later the first images together of Cayetano with the former Miss Spain were made public. .

In Lucía’s opinion, the presenter of The voice he never came to fully accept her, although their relationship improved a bit when his brother Cayetano Jr was born in 2018. “I appeared with a gift box that I bought in a bazaar when I went to meet him as a newborn. It was not a great gift because he did not have a hard, but the important thing is the detail”, he recalls of that moment.

“Although I have grown locked up in what they will say, I have understood that everyone, even my father’s now ex-wife, from whom I would have incomprehensibly liked to receive some crumb of affection, have done the best they could”, confesses the young woman from 24 years. Eva and Cayetano put the definitive end to their love story last October 2022 after the hurricane karelys rodriguez that left them marked in 2019.