Luca Zidane: “Real Madrid? I have it on the horizon, but now I think about working, learning …”

Luca Zidane arrived in Vallecas last summer, but It was not until the sixteenth day, as a result of the expulsion and subsequent suspension of Dimitrievski, that he enjoyed his great opportunity. The 22-year-old goalkeeper settled under sticks and presented his candidacy for eleven, something that led him to alternate in goal with the Norman. Now what Dimi has regained ownership, Luca promises work to try to continue adding games to the eight played this season.

“In Santander I was lucky to play more, but in the Ray I am happy. I was surprised by his hunger to want to go back to First“Luca confessed during an interview for Onda Cero's 'El Transistor', where he was honest about the past, the present and the future:” ¿¿Madrid, Marseille or the French team? I have them on the horizon, but we must not think about that now but about working, learning, making mistakes … in the future we will see. Of course they are big clubs and it would be nice to be there. “

Lightning Shield / Flag

Luca also showed his most personal side, revealing who led him to be a goalkeeper. “My older brother Enzo is the one who put me there when we played at home And since I was the little one, I didn't have much to say. I liked him and I wasn't so bad at him, “he joked. Also, pointed to the figure of Iker Casillas as a reference: “I've always liked him. While with Cadet A they brought me up to train, but he didn't exercise because it was the day after a game. I was there and I talked to him. I remember I was a good person“.

In addition, Luca explained how he has lived the weight of his surname Zidane throughout his career and even his personal life. “I am proud to have this last name, but there are many prejudices. When you arrive at the sites they have a bad image of you, that you arrive enlarged … I am used to that, it's always been like this, all my life. As has happened to me at Rayo, maybe they were prejudiced when I arrived, but then they have seen the person I am: hardworking and humble“he admitted.

And in that evolution He is accompanied by the figure of Adolfo Madrid, his personal trainer —Also that of Marcos Llorente and Marcelo—, with whom he works “three or four times a week.” Luca has things clear and also his objectives: “I am looking to grow as a footballer to get as high as possible. The field is the same in Real Madrid as in Rayo and when you are on it, it is only worth showing. “Precisely, on the green, One of his great qualities is his game with his feet: “In the Madrid quarry they gave importance to that. The goalkeeper is one more player and gives the superiority in the exit of the ball. It gives you more than it takes away“.