Luca (Marseille, 23 years old) is becoming important in Rayo based on “work, work and work”, as he was taught as a child. The goal became his habitat during games with his brother Enzo because football runs through the Zidane’s veins. He soon arrived at Real Madrid, where he trained and where he dreams of returning one day. He debuted in the First Division on May 19, 2018 and then went to Racing to gain experience (19-20). When the goalkeeper landed in Vallecas, in October 2020, they had already told him about how the fans were pressing and when he experienced it in the promotion playoff —with Zizou in the stands— he fell in love with it. Of your values. The fans also recognized him as one of the heroes of the comeback and he got a doctorate from Montilivi. Now he returns to that stage in the Cup, settled in the red-and-red eleven and wanting to continue growing. Your dreams await and there is no other recipe than “work, work and work”.

– How do you see the team?

“We are happy with the performance. The first lap was very good and we hope it continues like this. Rayo have a great squad and are hard-working. Our first objective is permanence and then, whatever comes, is welcome.

—Would it be unreasonable to see a rayista in the National Team?

-Why not? We have very good players and, furthermore, Rayo is having a great year.

—They return to Montilivi, how do you remember the ascent of a few months ago?

—The experience of playing a playoff is always special and going up, even more so. We knew what we wanted. We had already achieved other comebacks and we arrived with enthusiasm. I trusted. It was a very complicated game, even more so because of the expulsion, but we managed it. We’ll be back. Girona is in a very good moment and in the Cup anything can happen. We are looking forward to passing the round and continuing to advance in this beautiful competition.

-The Cup has allowed you to settle in eleven, how are you personally?

-Happy. I’m at a point where I feel very good. Competition is always good to improve and I focus every day on working, on the pitch and at home. I am young and I have set myself some goals. I know that I have to work to improve and aspire to them.

Lightning Shield/Flag

“What is the Lightning giving you?”

—It has given me a lot, like being able to return to the First Division, where I played a couple of games with Real Madrid. I feel comfortable.

“What surprised you?”

—The fans! He helps us a lot in every game. People don’t realize it, but when he’s behind, the player gives 200%. They already told me about the swelling, but feeling it impresses. And he’s been through the good times and the bad.

“Have we seen the roof of the Lightning?” And yours?

—We don’t put on a ceiling and mine hasn’t been seen yet. I am young and ambitious, I know what I want and I hope to achieve it as quickly as possible.

—He is a great unknown, what is Luca like?

—It is true that I am not very talkative, but a normal boy. I am a worker, close, familiar…

Did you always want to be a goalkeeper?

-Well, no. As a child he alternated between player and goalkeeper. One day my brother told me (Enzo) that I did well under the sticks and that’s where I stayed.

“My last name? It’s a pride, but it makes them more aware of if I fail”

“Who was your reference?”

—Perhaps Iker Casillas, who was in Madrid and was the one I followed the most, but I try to take a little from each goalkeeper.

—He was trained at Real Madrid since he was a child. Mark?

—Yes, we already know how it is, the best club in the world. When you are young you learn and improve a lot. I will always be grateful to him.

—You talk about working to achieve your dreams, is returning to Madrid one of them?

“I know how difficult it is, but yes, why not?” Madrid is the best club in the world and I’ve always said it, my goals are high. Why not come back one day? For that you have to work hard, be focused on football, that’s what I’m doing. In time it will be seen.

—What memory do you keep as the greatest treasure?

—Perhaps the debut in the First Division against Villarreal. It was a dream to have the opportunity to play with the best in the world and I really enjoyed it.

“And the best advice?”

—My family is involved in football and we have values ​​that you have to work hard to get what you want. Work, work and work.

Photo by Luca Zidane

—Did you always know that your destiny was football?

—As a child I didn’t think about it so much, I just wanted to play and enjoy. At home I played a lot with my brothers. We have always liked everyone and so, until now.

“What does it mean to have that last name?”

—It is a pride, although sometimes it can be a handicap, due to the criticism, that they are more aware of whether I fail or if I am at the level. I’m used to that since I was little and my brothers, too. I try to make my own way.

—Your father went to see Vallecas in the playoff, did you like the atmosphere?

—He came, like any father, to support his son, the team and he saw those incredible fans. He really enjoyed the match and the fans, above all.

“Would you like to see him train again soon?”

—I want to see my father happy, if he is training well and if he is at home enjoying the family, too. The most important thing is that you are happy with the decisions you make.

—Your contract with Rayo ends in 2022, would you like to continue?

-I am very happy and if you have to continue this beautiful relationship, then it will be welcome…