Lolita’s bikinazo on the verge of 65: “Long live life”

Lolita Flores He has fled these days from the cold and the rains of Madrid to fulfill a series of professional commitments on the other side of the pond. She has time for everything … and proof of this, the image that she has shared on her social networks.

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“Long live life”, the singer has written next to a photo on the deck of a ship. She looks great in a bikini. The daughter of La Faraona, who turns 65 in May, has received a barrage of compliments on the comment wall.

It is not for less. “Long live life and long live you”, Lydia Bosch has written to him. Bibiana Fernández has joined the praise: “And that you say it. Badly.” Alfred García, from OT 2017, has added: “Long live you”.

It is not the only memory that he has shared from these days in his networks. On the ship she has also been accompanied by her bosom friend, Anthony Carmonaand his sister, Rosario: “Watching the sunset in Miami next to my sister. What a beautiful day! Thank you Miami for everything!”. Together with other loved ones and friends they have had a great time. They have recharged their batteries to continue presenting their new joint show in other magical places like Puerto Rico.