Singer, actress, businesswoman, presenter, jury and now also a talk show host. Lolita joins the team Ana Rosa Quintana in his new evening and announced it this Wednesday with laughter: “I’m the female orchestra. I just need to jump in a balloon. I really want to come.”

At 65 years old and after going through a bad time at work, Lolita now finds herself with a full agenda: new theatrical production, anger and debut in the large hall of the Spanish Theater. Starting next Monday, she will also be Ana Rosa’s talk show host: “I could tell you that I’m happy. I didn’t know if I could do it but on Mondays I usually always rest, I really want to come and let people know the opinion of those of us who go.” to be at the table, who are also people I love and adore.

With so much hustle and bustle, there is little time left for love: “I’m open but not wide open, I have a little crack. “I am focused on work, family and above all on doing what I want,” she said with a laugh. “I sleep alone in a 1.80 meter bed where I have the remote control, the tablet, the Smart TV remote control… Thank God I don’t live on rent, I don’t have great things.” And the daughter of the remembered Lola Flores assures that she has not been very lucky in love: “No, they have loved me a lot, I have also had others that I have loved and I have not loved and others that I have loved madly and have loved me in that way.