Real Zaragoza, the king of the tie in the Second Division, once again displayed its status as such and ended the match that faced Ponferradina in a draw, thus adding its seventh consecutive equalized and eighth in total.

Betting because the Aragonese team ends their matches in a draw seems a sure value, and against Jon Pérez ‘Bolo’ team he showed it again because he still does not know how to win.




Zaragoza: Cristian Alvarez; Fran Gámez, French, Jair, Nieto; Zapater (Iván Azón, m.66), Eguaras (Petrovic, m.66), Vada; Borja Sáinz (Nano Mesa, m.66), Alvaro Giménez (Adrián, m.82) and Narváez.

Ponferradina: Amir; Iván Rodríguez, Pascanu, Copete (Erik Morán, m.62), Pujol; Agus Medina (Dani Ojeda, m.46), Paul Antón (Amo, m.62), Cristian; Saúl Crespo (Zalazar, m.86), Sergi Enrich (Yuri, m.67) and Saverio.

Goals: 0-1. M.48. Christian; 1-1. M.76. Vada (penalty).

Referee: Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega (Basque Committee). He cautioned Eguaras, Jair, Francés and Petrovic with a yellow card for the locals and Pascanu, Pujol and Amo for the visitors.

Incidents: match corresponding to the eleventh day of the Second Division League, played at the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza before 15,676 spectators.

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The new tie prevents the hands from escaping from the danger zone, while for the Berciano team it represents a step in their struggle to stay in the upper zone, although it also does not manage to break the inertia that it has been in the last matches in which it accumulates five days without winning.

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The first part was a true ode to nothing because nothing remarkable happened. The fear of the locals to be surprised by the visiting counters, because they were the ones who had possession of the ball the longest, and their fear of discovering themselves too much ended up registering in both a flat, slow game and more dedicated to keeping the ball now. expecting an opponent’s error rather than trying to surprise him.

And without speed, it is already known that it is very difficult for a play to come to fruition, so neither one nor the other approached the rival goal because almost the entire game was developed, at most, in three-quarters of the rival field.

And even in set pieces, which all Aragonese and Leonese seemed to trust, there was no danger, so the two goalkeepers were mere spectators.

And what the local team had feared so much, a counter, was what opened the scoring. A visitor counterattack after a corner kick by the owners of the field, which Eguaras did not want to cut at a foul because he was already wearing a yellow, ended in a shot off the crossbar of Pujol whose rejection was picked up by Cristian Rodríguez to send the ball to the net .

After the goal, the team did what they had not dared in the first 45 minutes, accelerate their actions, push with more heart than success and put balls into the area.

The Iranian goalkeeper Amir Abedzadeh had two great interventions in minutes 57 and 63 against a handy team that besieged the foreign area in the first minutes and still had a couple more options to score but, as usual, with the point of look deviant.

However, the team of Juan Ignacio Martínez “JIM” continued to persist and caught his rival in a match that led by Colombian Juanjo Narváez ended in a penalty on him committed by José Amo that was transformed by Argentine Valentín Vada in 76.

The Ponferradina tried to sleep the game by slowing down the game and its actions against a ‘blanquillo’ team that continued to squander courage and enthusiasm but was no longer able to reach the Bercian goal with the same clarity until the end so they added a new draw in his account.