Atlético managed to give a complete turnaround to their career last season when, as a result of a system change, Multiple pieces began to fit together and the best version of footballers like Trippier, Hermoso, Llorente or Lemar began to be seen. Simeone established a line of three centrals, with the litmus test in Pamplona as can be seen in the documentary 'Another way of understanding life', where a great Atlético and a formation with which it was possible to grow until lifting the league title.

One of the victims of the tactical variation was a Lodi who, if in his first season he had been very important on the side, in the second He went on to have a secondary role since that position was banished and he was not seen as comfortable participating as a lane player. Of course, it was an important resource when the parties were stuck and victory was needed, recovering the defense of four and achieving a fundamental goal to overcome Osasuna in the penultimate league match.


And against Espanyol, that Lodi reappeared that gives many solutions to the team with meters ahead and that allows the team to stretch in attack, go up lines in pressure and have more depth on the left wing, freeing a Carrasco from so much defensive work who lived much more comfortable since the Brazilian's departure after the break and who he scored the first goal in a play elaborated with Lodi himself and assisted Lemar in the final achieved in the 99th minute. The Frenchman and Kondogbia were the other two substitutions that Simeone made at the end of a bad first 45 minutes and that turned the result and the image of the team by significantly increasing its performance.

With the entry of Lodi, Atlético recovered a four-sided defense, with Savic and Felipe as center-backs and Llorente as right-back. A system that was the usual for Cholo during all his years at the club until the past and that can be a more constant resource to enhance all offensive weapons on the field and bring a Carrasco closer to the area that is decisive. Lodi did not stop climbing his side, doubled over to free the Belgian, as the first rojiblanco goal arrived, and show himself with uncheck the back of the rival side for the shipments of Kondogbia and a João Félix with whom he gets on wonderfully. The Portuguese saw his great movement as in that goal against Osasuna, although this time Lodi preferred to center rather than try to define the play and his tense ball came very close to finding Cunha on goal.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Only four centers and Savic sanctioned in Champions

Lodi knows that he starts at a disadvantage and that his minutes will be born as he can take advantage of the opportunities he is having in the second halves. But it is also true that the mattress defensive security has started at a lower level, Hermoso and Savic still have not found their version of last season and Oblak has conceded four goals in the first four days, leaving a clean sheet only against Elche.

Simeone has four centrals in the entire squad, with Kondogbia in the chamber, and Savic is sanctioned for the first four days of the Champions League. But there is also the option of return at any time to a four behind with Lodi covering the left side, mainly in games where Atlético dominate and regularly seek the goal. The Brazilian wants to be important and will seek to increase internal competition and make the eleven more difficult for his coach and against Espanyol he took a first step to be able to count more and more in the mattress rear. That is the way for Lodi.


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