MADRID, Jan. 11 (SportsFinding) –

Liverpool maintains the firm step towards its first Premier title by beating (0-1) this Saturday at Tottenham on the 22nd day of the Premier, solid victory of the leader who was also accompanied by the defeat (1-2) of the Leicester against Southampton

Those of Jürgen Klopp add 61 of 63 possible points, record after record and more than a year undefeated in Premier. His last victim was a Tottenham who did not worry until the end, when Son Heung-min and Lo Celso had clear chances to at least draw the tie. Liverpool was owner and lord of 70 minutes.

Finding spaces almost with the initial beep, the 'red' box started the trident Firmino, Salah, Mané with arrivals and danger. The Brazilian forgave the clearest, but he took it out with the 0-1 in a play badly defended by the Londoners that began in a throw-in. Without smelling the ball or having danger against it, those of Jose Mourinho went unnoticed until the final leg.

With the runrún of the feud 'spur' and the losses behind the rival, came the cons that did not prevent the defeat or another discreet day of the Mourinho team, to four points in Europe. With one game less, pending when they played and won the Club World Cup, the 'reds' take 16 to a Leicester who is second, but can be surpassed by Manchester City. The 'foxes' started ahead through Dennis Praet, but soon tied Armstrong.

Southampton, that in the first round fit a 0-9 against Leicester, took three points from the King Power Stadium that allow him to move away the low zone with a bit of Danny Ings in the 80 'that left' KO 'to the locals. The Everton of Carlo Ancelotti also opened the gap with the red zone, which continues to climb the table with the Italian coach, thanks to Richarlison's 1-0 against Brighton.

Meanwhile, Chelsea had no trouble keeping their income in fourth place, with a win (3-0) against Burnley, 39 points that mark the Champions League area. Manchester United remains fifth, five points behind the Champions goal, after also winning with authority and at the pace of Marcus Rashford at Norwich (4-0).

In addition, the return of the Premier after a week of 'drinks' stopped the flood of flood in the Arsenal of Arteta, which could not with a Crystal Palace used to add in recent months (1-1). The gunners played with one minus 20 minutes for the expulsion of Aubameyang, author of the visiting goal that matched Ayew. The Palace is still ahead of Arsenal in the table, 29 and 28 points.



Sheffield United – West Ham 1-0.


Crystal Palace – Arsenal 1-1.

Chelsea – Burnley 3-0.

Everton – Brighton 1-0.

Leicester City – Southampton 1-2.

Manchester United – Norwich City 4-0.

Wolverhampton – Newcastle 1-1.

Tottenham – Liverpool 0-1.


Bournemouth – Watford.

Aston Villa – Manchester City.