Jürgen Klopp want to make your Liverpool Be invincible, so you want to add a new high-level reinforcement for your midfield: Isco Alarcón. The Malaga is living again a sweet moment in the Real Madrid, feels again quite important in the plans of Zidane, so its output is quite complicated.

The 22 Madrid player is very pleased with the German coach since he considers him a different player than when he is 100%, it is impossible to stop. Jürgen Klopp He thinks that the Málaga midfielder can greatly improve the creativity of the English team in the core, where he has his most burly men and wants someone to give a touch of magic on the pitch, especially for those games in which the rivals give them the possession of the players of Klopp and they are locked back to defend, so it forces the reds to create plays and find spaces. (Chelsea goes very seriously for Isco)

However, white discipline has no intention of selling to Isco since the French technician is the great architect of the revival of Malaga, so he trusts him for the project. The other option that shuffles the Liverpool it is Fabian Ruiz, although it would be a very complicated operation since the Naples would not fall below 100 million.