A few hours before a massive demonstration against the management of Peter Lim takes place in Valencia, the owner of the club has offered an interview to the Financial Times in which given his opinion about the fans, his way of understanding a club and he has also left a message to the previous owners.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Critics: “They are trying to make sure that they do not sell the club to anyone other than them. These people argue that since we are Valencians, we know the club. But with Valencians at the helm, the club went to ruin, right?”

Business: “Owning Valencia has been incredibly good for our strategy of professional contacts. On one occasion, all the club owners had dinner on the occasion of a Champions League final. There are sheikhs, kings, whites, blacks … And there we discussed why you bought such a player so … We were like children. Valencia is a trophy asset that allows you to rub shoulders with stars like Beckham or Cristiano. “

Property: “I can do 101 things to make money and money that I think I can control better. This is a pretty good thing. I wake up, I own a soccer club and I see what happens next. Nothing more.”

Fans: “And I have some compassion for them, but among ourselves, among friends, we say that the smallest things give you the biggest headaches”

Player rights: “They are a lien that guarantees Meriton to be above other debtors in the event that Valencia enters bankruptcy.”

Super League: “The Super League is for the greats to survive, they don't care about the fans. Why? Because it has an audience of more than 100 million people in Asia. Have the owners ever considered the local inconveniences of the club? The downside of playing on Wednesday when people work the next day? They don't care. “

Future Valencia: “I do not want to ruin the club, but … he is 102 years old. He never won the Champions League and (the previous leaders) wanted to win it at all costs? They have birds in their heads”

New stadium: “The debt we would have to incur is simply not sustainable. I hope to find a solution to complete the project.”


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