French League

The League 1 It is the first division of French football, the highest club competition in the French country. It is disputed by 20 teams in a round trip format, which means that a total of 38 days are played. The team that finishes at the top of the classification of the League 1 champion is proclaimed and the last three classified descend to Ligue 2.
The tournament, mainly thanks to the boost given by the investment that PSG has received, has gained importance in recent years. For now, it is still behind other major leagues such as the Spanish, English or Italian, but the fact that the Parisian team has signed several world-class stars has aroused greater interest in other countries in the results of the League 1.
In addition to Paris Saint-Germain himself, other important French teams are Olympique de Lyon, Monaco or Olympique de Marseille.

History of Ligue 1

The origins of something similar to an organized league in France go back to 1894, although football did not become professional until 1932. Since then, and before becoming the current Ligue 1, the tournament has been called the National Championship and Division 1 .


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