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Liga Santander: Parejo: “After the spread of Gay, the fly was behind his ear” | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker





The Valencia captain confesses that the concern they had increased when they found that they were in Milan, “which was the main focus in Europe and then in Vitoria, which was the largest in Spain.”

Dani Parejo, in the last league game played in Vitoria against Alavs.

The Valencia midfielder, Dani Parejo, He admitted that after learning the positive in coronavirus from his partner Jos Luis Gay, with whom he shares friendship and also a room in the concentrations, he thought that he too could have contracted the virus and feared that he had infected his family.

“One day they gave the tests to some players and the next day to the others. On the first one, Jos came out, with whom, in addition to sharing a room, he played a lot with the parchs,” the Valencia captain said in an interview in The Transistor from Onda Cero.

“I was with the fly behind my ear, not for me but for my family. Thank God I gave negative and that leaves you alone, for the family,” added Parejo, who was very happy because those infected by the workforce are “asymptomatic” and pointed out that every two or three days everyone gets together and talks by videoconference. “We all get together, we talk oars, we hesitate a little and we had a good time”, he pointed out.

Parejo said that the concern they had increased when they found that they were in Miln, “which was the main focus (in Europe) and then in Vitoria, who was the largest in Spain “.

In addition, he regretted that the followers who accompanied them to Italy to the game against Atalanta could catch it. “Seeing the people who moved with such enthusiasm, a journey that is not easy and making a great effort, your soul falls on top of seeing that three thousand and a half people may be affected, infect their families and in the worst case, die “, he pointed out.

Parejo explained that these days he does on the roller “a lot of bike and then on a muscular level a lot of strength”, He also said that the “monkey” that he has on the ball is partly spent playing with his children in the garden.

The midfielder, who has promoted a donation of the staff, the club and the entity's foundation to Charity House, He was convinced that the world will overcome this bad moment as it did with others of great difficulty.

“In World War II nobody thought that the world was going to get ahead and they did it. Humanity has come out of situations, this is a hard time but among all of us, doing things well, we are going to get ahead with much more force”, signaled.

Regarding the resumption of the competition, he predicted that the break could especially affect those teams “that played and won well” such as Real Sociedad.

“When they decide to play, I imagine that we will have ten or twelve days ahead and that we will have to adapt to face the final in the best possible way,” he concluded.

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