A goal of the Argentine, a few minutes after the expulsion of Germn, demolishes the resistance of Granada in the Camp Nou (1-0)

Messi's shot that won the triumph at the Camp Nou.


It will not be more than Quique Setin, with his vision as a chess player, he will use one of the teachings that Kasparov just use to explain your success and what attributes to your admired Kafka: “Everything is condensed in a single moment that decides our life.” You just have to be prepared for when you arrive. The new coach of Barcelona found him in his debut when 20 minutes were left for the sunset. Just at the same moment that Germn, central Granada, was expelled, finally peeked Riqui Puig in the countryside. A footballer who is often and looks fragile, will say those who had him locked in the branch. Because there will always be someone who thinks that this is played with the body and feet, not with the head. Riqui, tiny blessing, went to the screen to steal the ball from Doors. And everything flows. Busquets thought Griezmann I opened in channel. Arturo vidal I discovered his spur. Y Messi, with his right, he blessed Setin before the scourge of the wind. Nothing is simple given the immensity of Camp Nou.

Soccer has a lot to do with comedy. It is not difficult to be in evidence because this sport, in reality, is like life itself. Literature helps us to decorate it. After turning around revolutions of a madman – is there something more beautiful? -, demand the transfer of La Masia to Camp Nou, endless changes, arrows and more arrows and countless tactical drawings, each more surreal, Setin arrived and, so hot, he proposed an eleven holder who would have signed the despised with blood Valverde. That is, with Rakitic and Vidal as companions of Busquets, and even Umtiti in front of Lenglet. But this, luckily, is not just names. It goes attitude. Of labor involvement in a dressing room of stars. He goes to open the field and attend to the heart. And, of course, it goes back to recovering the importance of the ball. For too long, a strange entity on the lawn.

Many may have forgotten it because more than 30 years have passed. Three days before Johan Cruyff will premiere as a technician of Barcelona in the League, the Dutch mont a training of almost three hours. Not even the oldest of the place remembered such a long session. He put the players to triangulate again and again. The goal was for them to learn to find solutions accompanied by the ball, not panting behind their seams. July Alberto, Carrasco Y To be, who had a hard time following that special rhythm of work, were punished with a few careers. You insist on making the easy difficult. You are cheating yourself. Insist Cruyff. This is how the Dream Team began.

4-3-3 and 3-3-4

Nobody expects Setin to build his Dream Team with soccer players who, for the most part, have already done everything in this sport. But there are two issues: aesthetics and results. The Centabro was put to it offering several tactical nuances. Although in defense it maintains a bureaucratic 4-3-3, in attack the soccer players tried to look for their place in a 3-5-2 that, at times, becomes a 3-3-4. Sergi Roberto closed. Ansu Fati Y Jordi Alba They granted breadth. Busquets, instead of recruiting among the centrals, took a step forward in search of alliances. While, in the absence of Luis Surez, the coach opted for the double false nine, with Messi and Griezmann always awaiting the creation. Not so much of the auction.

It was evident that the center of the field was no longer a simple passageway to become the great machine room. The ball was circulating with more bro than before and the Catalans tried to always pass the ball to the first touch. There was intention and desire on the part of the day laborers. But there were still occasions. There was a lack of strength in the rival area.

In fact, that Granada so well delivered by the youngest First technician, Diego Martnez, scourge of Barcelona in Los Crmenes, I did not have a particularly bad time in the first act. After those first 20 minutes in which Ansu Fati managed to shoot a few times without much success, time seemed to stop. Rui Silva, the Portuguese goalkeeper of the Granada, watched the scene as if it were an endless sequence plane. Without Surez and his special way of solving situations -the Uruguayan had participated in the last ten goals of Barcelona in the League before his injury-, the good luck will happen again through Messi. The Argentine, who changes the times without care, associated with Alba to stay within a span of the goal when the first act already fainted.

Eteki and the stick

But a spark was missing for the match to catch on. So that 82% of possession, the thousand passes and the territorial domain acquired meaning before it was the Granada who rebelled. Because the night began to acquire a cloudy color. Yan Eteki He even crashed the ball in the stick after a loss of Sergi Roberto.

That's why Setin recruited Riqui Puig. The peace of Granada must conclude before Barcelona ends up being consumed. The entrance of the claimed canterano, already with vitola de salvador in the Camp Nou, coincided with the expulsion of Germn. The central, which had already been reprimanded, left at the wrong time in his area to miss Messi. The collegiate, led by extreme zeal, chose to leave visitors with one less man. Nothing will be the same. More with Riqui prepared for his glory episode.

The sweetness with which Messi topped Granada did nothing but match what was seen on the first night of Setin. The narrative effect of an overdose was stuck in the environment.

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