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Liga Santander: Lopetegui's “concern” after another slip of Sevilla | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker





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Lopetegui instructs his players during the match.

Sevilla has not finished saving the bump in which it has been sunk since 2020. A single victory in six LaLiga games and a traumatic elimination against Mirands is the balance of this beginning of the year of Lopetegui. Against Espanyol (2-2), despite getting ahead on the scoreboard, he could only rescue a draw against an opponent who ended up playing in inferiority. And, of course, the Basque technician admitted to being “worried about changing the dynamics of the team.”

Lopetegui affirmed in the press room of the Pizjun that “the nerves appeared when the stage was the most favorable”, once Sevilla got ahead on the scoreboard at fifteen minutes, although he pointed out that “there is a lot of League, Europa League” and They must “go back to safety.” The Hispanic technician lament that the team has lost “the defensive solidity” that showed in the first part of the season and that in that work they should influence.

Nevertheless, the Basque technician stressed that “the team is in the objectives” were marked and insisted on “work” to return the results of the first round.

VAR's politics

He also referred to the political play of the game, with the consultation of the VAR in the play that later gave rise to the tie of Espanyol (1-1) in the first part. “We have surprised our bench and the rival.

We believe that the VAR should intervene in plays of red or penalty and my way of seeing things is that the play was not so clear for red, so I do not understand it as a coach, “he said about that set in which Sergi Gmez saw only the yellow card and no penalty was awarded in favor of Espanyol.

“This opens a fissure. Technically they can explain it to me but I do not understand it. If you do not see the red one, it is not very clear and a partner from Madrid (VAR) does not have to send it to see it,” said Lopetegui, who also stressed that With all this, we must not “hide” and continue with the work to “improve the team”.

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