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Liga Santander: La Liga is a nightmare for Athletic | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker





Osasuna, with a goal from Oier, wins in San Mams and increases the winning streak of Garitano to nine

Williams regrets an action, this Sunday.

While advancing steadily in the Cup and dreaming of reaching its fourth final in the last 11 years, Athletic is undone in the League. A bipolar behavior that finds no simple explanation, but is unquestionable. There are already nine consecutive days in which the team of Garitano It does not add three points. The last to fish in Athletic's scrambled river was Osasuna, who took the three points of San Mams on Sunday with very little attack. Le bast with a goal from Oier, his captain, in action at a standstill in the first half. He barely produced the Navarrese painting any more, but he didn't need it either.

I convinced that the team of Jagoba Arrasate in his defensive work, however much he will not find an excessive demand. Athletic was a flat team and rampln, predictable to the extreme, and again penalized by the debatable management of the changes made by his coach. Nor was the Bilbao team satisfied with the arbitration work and perhaps he was right, especially for a hand of Unai Garca In the area that looked like a penalty. Athletic did not deserve to lose the game, because it made occasions to at least tie it, but again it was left with the desire and see how the European train escapes to seven points that could still be 10, at the expense of Eibar-Real Sociedad aplzado.

It was good, despite what was said, the staging of Athletic, with ten initial minutes in which you surpass Osasuna thanks to the presence of Yuri Y Cap in advanced positions and their combination with the front ones, especially with Villalibre, who enjoyed a good occasion from the front. The rojiblancos, however, quickly fell apart, heavily penalized by the absence of a creative midfielder. Without Muniain neither Unai Lopez, the core was a black hole in which neither Vesga nor Ral Garca gave continuity to the game. Nor the debutante Victor, mediocentro by the sanction of Dani Garca, but that is not its function.

The comfort of Osasuna

The game became a succession of inconsequential possessions of both teams, a scenario in which Osasuna was very comfortable. The bet of Raze, with a five-man defense, was to keep the game at a low pace and wait for some isolated opportunity. The approach was successful when, at half an hour, a frontal foul terribly defended by Athletic ended up in Oier's goal after a great stop by Simn to Brasanac.

Shortly after, Williams introduced the ball into the goalkeeper of Blacksmith, but the referee understood that Ral Garca committed a foul on the goalkeeper. Less understandable was the decision, in the second half, to ignore a hand of Unai Garca in his own area. The ball clearly hit the defender's arm, but neither the referee nor the VAR considered it deserved a penalty. At the very least, and being generous, a moot decision.

By then, Garitano had already moved the tree, giving entry to the young man Sancet to gain mobility in the midfield. The sacrificed was Villalibre instead of a Ral Garca who shouts for rest and that, finally, was replaced by Aduriz. Athletic was very dominating throughout the second half, but he found a very well planted Osasuna. It generated more frustration than the Garitano team football, in fact.

In spite of everything, he enjoyed four frank occasions: a direct lack of Vencedor that bounced off the barrier and hit the crossbar, an innocent header from Williams cut off by Herrera, a Capa shot also saved by the goalkeeper and, already at the discount , a stub by Aduriz at the base of the stick. His ineffectiveness in the face of goal, written remains, was again a drag for an Athletic who gave Osasuna the three points and, incidentally, half permanence.

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