THE I raised has called its shareholders this Friday for the Ordinary General Meeting on December 21 and plans to present a budget of about 83 million euros.

The I raisedIn addition, it will submit last year's accounts to a vote before its shareholders, with a profit of about 77,000 euros, and will announce almost double that by the end of the 20-21 season, a surplus of 133,000 euros.

In addition, the I raised It is obliged in its accounts to enter about 16.5 million euros for the sale of footballers, reflected under the heading “Impairment and Result of disposals of fixed assets” in its income and expenses budget.

The Valencian club has also budgeted some 55 million euros of income from television rights and the expenditure of the workforce for this campaign amounts to 39.5 million, according to a document published on its official website.

The I raised He also recalled in the statement that to attend the Meeting it will be necessary to own a minimum of ten shares and that if the health crisis worsens, the conclave will be held electronically.