mother yeast collaborates for the first time with Juan Duyos to create a very limited edition ‘bread bag’. An exclusive bag that can be purchased through the Levaduramadre website for a price of 49.95 euros, while supplies last.

The bag, baptized under the name of Leuda Bread Bag by Duyos in allusion to the world of bread, refers to the verb Leudar, a key process in the maturation stage of the dough, which requires time and perfect conditions for it to reach its optimum point. in size and texture, and thus offer the best quality and flavor possible. This process is what has inspired Duyos in the creation of this bag, since he has dedicated the same time and care when designing it, looking for the appropriate materials and manufacturing it by hand in his workshop together with his team.

The bag, which presents an elegant and modern aesthetic and has the unmistakable stamp of Duyos, is made up of two compartments: a larger one to carry the purchase and another exclusive one that makes it unique, specially designed to include the loaf of bread for that it go well protected and arrive home in perfect condition, preserving its quality at all times. In addition, it is a very versatile bag, since it is possible to use them together or separately, thus enjoying two bags in one.

Both Levaduramadre and Duyos are committed to sustainability, as well as craftsmanship carried out with care, something that both have wanted to capture in this bag. For this reason, and following this maxim, this new Bread Bag has been made with natural materials such as linen and cotton, without chemical treatments, seeking to elevate the daily experience of buying bread to something extraordinary, combining fashion and functionality.

The designer Juan Duyos highlights: “This collaboration arose naturally, since I have always identified with the Levaduramadre product. This has allowed everything to be easier from the first moment we started working together on this project. Also, I loved the idea of ​​paying homage to a product like bread, something so present in our culture and that deserves something special.The result is a bag with an avant-garde, comfortable and versatile design, made with natural elements, a reflection of how I conceive the brand”.

For his part, Moncho López, founder of Levaduramadre, has stated: “Our motivation has always been to offer a high-quality product and, on this occasion, we wanted to go one step further and take this motivation to another point. When it arose We liked the idea of ​​creating a bag from the beginning, but also having the collaboration of Juan Duyos, a person so well known in the world of fashion, who celebrates 25 years as a benchmark in his sector, a lover of Levaduramadre and with a way of doing his work very aligned with ours, we fell in love with him. We only hope that our consumers, to whom we owe so much, like it and enjoy it, as much as we have in the process.”