Letizia’s look when she sees the photos of her daughters and her husband at the King’s anniversary exhibition

Great end to Don Felipe’s anniversary party. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his proclamation, the Kings have inaugurated the exhibition Felipe VI: a decade in the history of the crown of Spain. It took place in the Royal Palace of Madrid, the same setting that yesterday hosted all the commemorative events, from the Solemn Relief of the Guard and the lunch with those awarded the Order of Civil Merit, to the screening of the videomapping on the main façade of the monumental building.

The Queen’s surprised face says it all. Throughout the tour through the palace galleries, Doña Letizia sees one of the images of her and casts that surprised look. The collection brings together 23 snapshots of the most representative moments of Don Felipe’s reign. These are photos of the House of HM the King and transfers from the EFE Agency and the ABC and El País newspapers. One of the main portraits of the Kings is the one signed by the photographer Estela de Castro and which is part of the official poses that appear on the House’s website. The Kings were accompanied by Minister Spokesperson Pilar Alegría and Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

For this visit, the Queen has returned to her pantsuit, the work uniform she has resorted to since breaking her right toe. A uniform – in this case, nuclear white and monochrome – that she combines with wide, loose sneakers to avoid pressure on the fingers.