Letizia turns 51: a professional queen, symbol of feminism in Zarzuela

Letizia turns 51 this Friday, September 15. A mature age that the queen lives to the fullest. Her gray hair is just a small detail of her age. Precisely women and maturity are two of her fields of work in which she is most committed. Those fields include feminism, the visibility of women in all spheres of society, gender equality and diversity.

For the Queen, this year has been one of change and decision-making. Her daughters have left the nest empty. Letizia and Felipe VI celebrated the graduation of her eldest daughter, Leonor, at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales and in August they said goodbye to her at the doors of the General Military Academy in Zaragoza. Two family moments that left us with the most intense photo album of this year.

Letizia and the first selfie

On the campus of St Donat`s Castle we saw the first selfie in the history of the Royal Family. Great graphic document, the photo that the Queen herself took with her iPhone and that Casa Real published on networks.

A moment of spontaneity that we also saw in the Kings’ farewell to Leonor in La General. The heiress released her trolley. Letizia grabbed the Princess and gave her a hug that made her melt. The Queen closed her eyes and pressed her daughter against her chest. They are images that show us the most emotional side of the Queen. Without filters. These still photographs come to us thanks to her work to modernize Zarzuela and adapt it to new times. A pure marketing task and also a successful communication.

And since this year came with changes, there was also another goodbye. Sofia’s. The infanta headed to Wales, where she has just started the first year of the International Baccalaureate in the same center of the United World Schools network as her sister. Leonor’s mentoring work, highly appreciated in this network, was already done. The heiress has shared her experiences in Wales with her sister and that counts more than any training.

Bouncing in Sydney with the champions

Sofía has had a lot of prominence this summer. She went with her mother to Sydney to see the National Team’s epic victory in the World Cup final. The presence of the Queen in the final was decisive because, with her support, she makes women’s football visible and gives it wings. Letizia has been La Roja’s great supporter since before the players traveled to Australia. Her euphoria after her match, jumping with the champions on the field, went around the world. She was a powerful feminist and equality image for Brand Spain on the international stage. All this was overshadowed by the unpresentable gestures of Luis Rubiales and the global controversy of the non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso.

The Queen conveys the image that she wants to convey: a professional woman of the 21st century, of great character, of outstanding talent, conquering, talkative, who asks more than she answers. Letizia, with a prodigious memory for names and for remembering anecdotes, is very observant. She is part of his expertise from his years of reporting. We saw it this year in that video that he recorded for the 50 years of his beloved Weekly Report. In addition, she has a great sense of humor, she knows how to connect and communicate, she is technological and dives into social networks. At every event she presides over, she always has a question prepared. She talks to all the people at all the events and studies all the content. She always has her homework done and has transmitted that culture of perseverance, perfection and dedication to her daughters. Leonor knows the work of the Princess of Asturias Awards before giving them the award.

In addition to women, feminism and equality, Letizia is also dedicated to health, conciliation, family, inclusion, childhood and education. It’s her commitment. Even so, her work goes much further as a fundamental pillar of the House to project an image of the institution that is more modern and closer to the people.

Letizia forms a cohesive work team with her husband. In actions, she knows how to handle body language like no one else to convey the message she wants.

In Pamplona, ​​a few days ago, he placed the handkerchief on Don Felipe. That gesture and that look of love and admiration are there.